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Vietnamese Home Cooking Restaurant. Well-Known for Steamed Spring Rolls
QUAN AN TAM is a Vietnamese home cooking restaurant which is located on the second floor of JIYUGAOKA DEPARTMENT STORE.
I don't know if it is popular in their country, but they are well-known for STEAMED spring rolls. You can find how tender and rubbery the steamed rolls are. Of couse those are delicious with spicy sauce.

Pho(Vietnamese Noodle Soup) - Put some raw self-crumbled coriander leaves as you like.
You can eat "Beef Pho" which is one of common foods. It is interesting that they serve a whole-raw coriander on a dish. So you can crumble it into some pieces and put them in the noodles as you like.
Unfortunately I can't eat a kind of raw coriander, So I just looked at all of the leaves. :-)

Satisfuction Rate:

Closed on Monday

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2007年11月 8日

KOSOUAN - こそうあん - 古桑庵

KOSOUAN - Japanese Traditional Tea House
You can see KOSOUAN on the right hand side by walking near an easy uphill road of CATTLEYA STREET from Jiyugaoka Station. It is a tea salon which remains a japanese traditional house. You can enjoy MATTCHA which is japanese green tea, ANMITU and ZENZAI which are kinds of dessert, TOKORO-TEN which are seeweed's noodles, etc.
They also have a gallery space. In the season of HINA-MATURI - The Girl's(Doll) Festival, you can see many dolls on display here. So it is also a tasteful place.

On the opposite side of the road, there is a small shopping mall called La Vita which is modeled on Venice. People from other countries take pictures of the landmarks near here. It is interesting that these two symbols of different culture are on each side of the road.
s-s-kosouan1.jpg s-s-kosouan2.jpg

Made of Old Mulberry Wood. Connection with Soseki Natsume
The building seems to be famous in connection with Soseki Natsume.
The following Japanese sentences are quoted from the menu.
It says that the house was built as a tea house by grandfather who was a friend of Soseki's son-in-law Mr.Matsuoka. Because the grandfather wanted to build it using old mulberry wood, Mr.Matsuoka gathered some from his hometown.

松岡 譲氏と祖父 彦はテニス仲間として

The photo of an ANMITSU.

The photo of an MATTCHA

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Closed on Wednesday
1-24-23 Jiyugaoka Meguro Tokyo

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Rude Boy CAFE

Hot Cafe in Reggae Feeling
Rude Boy Cafe produces an atmosphere of being in the hustle and bustle of the South beach resort. Of course they play reggae as background music.

They have various kinds of curry dishes and also have Taco-Rice, Loco Moco, etc. at lunchtime.
The price is more reasonable than other shops near here.

This photo is a Loco Moco of raw tuna for ¥800.
Because of soy sauce, it is like a Japanese ZUKE-DON rather than a Loco Moco. ( ZUKE-DON is a bowl of rice topped with raw tuna marinated in soy sauce.) There are many slices of avocado on the top, and the combination makes a good taste.

Satisfaction Rate:

Rude boy CAFE
5-28-15 Okusawa, Setagaya, Tokyo

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TMS (Table Modern Service)

TMS(Table Modern Service) is a cool and modern cafe in Jiyugaoka.
It is on the 3rd floor and there is a modern interior shop on the 1st and 2nd floor.

The room has plenty of space. Various kinds of chic modern tables and chairs are there. It seems to be popular among young creative people.

Today's lunch menu.

Today's lunch plate ( Grilled Pork)
It is a delicious combination with mustard sauce which takes away from the pork fat.

Hand Made PICI Pasta for ¥945.
PICI is a thick pasta.

Watercress Salad for ¥420.
Good combination of slices of deep fried garlic and the fragrant green.

TMS is a rare cafe in Jiyugaoka because it is open until 4 a.m.

Satisfaction Rate:

TMS(Table Modern Service)
2-17-8 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

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Frou Frou - Casual French&Italian in Jiyugaoka

"Frou Frou" is located on the second floor of the building in the street behind "MUJIRUSHI" shop. This southen area becomes a little quieter as you get further away from the station.

They have 24 table seats and 4 counter seats. It is a restaurant where we can eat many kinds of dishes for reasonable prices in spite of it's good quality. Menus change every day, so it is better to check the HP before you visit.

Today, I ate a kind of vegetarian curry for ¥1050.
It was a mild curry because the mix of slightly sweet, which well-boiled vegetables produced, and sourness of the tomato, matched well.
I sometimes cook this kind of curry by myself, thus I thought the curry was cooked well.
Maybe other dishes are also cooked well.

They also sell puddings which we can take out, which is interesting.
Frou Frou is a restaurant which I want to come to again in order to try other dishes.

Satisfaction Rate:

Frou Frou
Closed on Monday
5-20-17 2F, Okusawa, Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

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Coccolo means pretty baby in Italian. And they use this word when they are soothing a baby.
In this restaurant, it is silent and calm in contrast to the origin of their name.
Their concept is Italian taste yet original Japanese food. So you can eat original food at the reasonable prices. They also have many kinds of wine and sake.
You should check the HP in advance because they update information of today's special frequently.

The following photo is today's one plate lunch - Pork Ginger. Healthy unpolished rice is also on the plate. Of course it's delicious.

Satisfaction Rate:

2-14-5 2F, Jiyugaoka, Meguroku, Tokyo


Landmark of A Maple Tree
Cafe CABANON is a cafe restaurant which is located in the western area of Jiyugaoka. The select shop Tomorrowland owns this cafe.
I noticed that Maple Street was named after a maple tree which is in the center of the shop's garden. All seats on the terraces and 1-2F are crowded at lunchtime.

Healthy and Elegant foods
They have healthy menus including bread made from natural yeast and grains, and other elegant style menus from ¥900 at lunchtime. They also have galette and quiche, in addition to pasta.
Today, I ate a fried chicken cutlet for ¥1,050. You can choose bread or grains, so I chose the latter.

Oh yes, the Beaujolais Nouveau ban was recently removed. They had "Poire" - a cooktail of pear sorbet poured in Beaujolais Nouveau by chance. So I ordered it.
By the synergy of both of the pear sorbet and Nouveau, It was very fresh and fruity.

Satisfaction Rate:

2-16-10 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-Ku, Tokyo

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"Hyannis Port" Casual Cafe Restaurant in Jiyugaoka

New England Taste
Hyannis Port is a casual cafe restaurant which is in the lane of the southern area to the Jiyugaoka station. It makes a homely atmosphere because of the antique tables on which there are green cloths. They have been there for 25 years in Jiyugaoka.

"Hyannis Port" is named after the place where John F.Kennedy, Jr. was going just before his death by airplane. It was one of the famous celebrity resorts in New England in which the Kennedys had a second house. Just because of that, JFK's portrait and pictures of the second house were on the wall, and the background music was oldies. That might be New England taste.

Substantial Meals, Sweets and Alcohol. Popular for Scottish Scones.
They have pasta, sandwiches, minestrone, curries, etc. for lower ¥800 at lunchtime, and also have takeout curries for ¥450. And there are many kinds of alchohol like German beer, Scotch, wine, cocktails, and etc.

Moderately Heavy Clam Chowder
Today, we ate "Today's Special" for ¥1,100.

At the time we visited, They provided corn bread which is free of charge and served to a limited number of visiters. How lucky we were.

We made an extra order of clam chowder because it was my favorite.
I was satisfied with the moderate taste of the sea which I supposed was that of squid.

After we finished eating salad, here came the pasta.
The left photo was well-boiled beef pasta which was an original combination.
The right one was spaghetti of tomato stewed chicken.
s-s-hianis4.jpg s-s-hianis3.jpg

Home made puddings were served as dessert. It was melt-in-the-mouth.

Satisfaction Rate:

"Hyannis Port" Casual Cafe Restaurant in Jiyugaoka
1-8-5 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

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SHUTTERS in Jiyugaoka

Terrace Seats toward Tree-Lined Pedestrian Street. Stoves There in Winter

SHUTTERS is located in Marie Claire pedestrian street wich is lined with trees. Neighboring area became still better-looking because the opposite shop has recently changed into a Paris-style flower shop. SHUTTERS are also in Daikanyama and Kichijouji, here in Jiyugaoka is one of the most popular cafe restaurants. At lunchtime, there are many people and we can usually see people enjoying meals on the terrace seats. People who can bear the cold can sit on the terrace seats even if it's winter because there are stoves.

Soft Spareribs and Applepie Alamode are Popular

Because it's my favorite, I tried clam chowder for ¥630.
It was rather light and runny.

"Mushroom and Vegetables Marinated with Japanese Stock" for ¥945.

And.... Spareribs has come!
We chose soy sauce-based ones because it looked most delicious.
The meat was easilly separated from bones. And it was really soft and juicy.

The left photo is penne with Gorgonzola and Parmesan cheese sauce for ¥1,470.
The right one is spaghetti with Carbonara for ¥1,155.
On the top-right corner of these photos, you can see the block of Parmesan and Olive Oil Sauce which you can put on as much you want.
s-s-shutters4.jpg s-s-shutters5.jpg

At the end, it is Applepie Alamode for ¥895.
We chose caramel sauce.
You can mix the warm pie and cool vanilla ice then.... Once you eat, sweet flavor and scent spread into your mouth.

Satisfaction Rate:

SHUTTERS in Jiyugaoka
5-27-15 Okusawa, Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo

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