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SHUTTERS in Jiyugaoka

Terrace Seats toward Tree-Lined Pedestrian Street. Stoves There in Winter

SHUTTERS is located in Marie Claire pedestrian street wich is lined with trees. Neighboring area became still better-looking because the opposite shop has recently changed into a Paris-style flower shop. SHUTTERS are also in Daikanyama and Kichijouji, here in Jiyugaoka is one of the most popular cafe restaurants. At lunchtime, there are many people and we can usually see people enjoying meals on the terrace seats. People who can bear the cold can sit on the terrace seats even if it's winter because there are stoves.

Soft Spareribs and Applepie Alamode are Popular

Because it's my favorite, I tried clam chowder for ¥630.
It was rather light and runny.

"Mushroom and Vegetables Marinated with Japanese Stock" for ¥945.

And.... Spareribs has come!
We chose soy sauce-based ones because it looked most delicious.
The meat was easilly separated from bones. And it was really soft and juicy.

The left photo is penne with Gorgonzola and Parmesan cheese sauce for ¥1,470.
The right one is spaghetti with Carbonara for ¥1,155.
On the top-right corner of these photos, you can see the block of Parmesan and Olive Oil Sauce which you can put on as much you want.
s-s-shutters4.jpg s-s-shutters5.jpg

At the end, it is Applepie Alamode for ¥895.
We chose caramel sauce.
You can mix the warm pie and cool vanilla ice then.... Once you eat, sweet flavor and scent spread into your mouth.

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SHUTTERS in Jiyugaoka
5-27-15 Okusawa, Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo

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