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"Hyannis Port" Casual Cafe Restaurant in Jiyugaoka

New England Taste
Hyannis Port is a casual cafe restaurant which is in the lane of the southern area to the Jiyugaoka station. It makes a homely atmosphere because of the antique tables on which there are green cloths. They have been there for 25 years in Jiyugaoka.

"Hyannis Port" is named after the place where John F.Kennedy, Jr. was going just before his death by airplane. It was one of the famous celebrity resorts in New England in which the Kennedys had a second house. Just because of that, JFK's portrait and pictures of the second house were on the wall, and the background music was oldies. That might be New England taste.

Substantial Meals, Sweets and Alcohol. Popular for Scottish Scones.
They have pasta, sandwiches, minestrone, curries, etc. for lower ¥800 at lunchtime, and also have takeout curries for ¥450. And there are many kinds of alchohol like German beer, Scotch, wine, cocktails, and etc.

Moderately Heavy Clam Chowder
Today, we ate "Today's Special" for ¥1,100.

At the time we visited, They provided corn bread which is free of charge and served to a limited number of visiters. How lucky we were.

We made an extra order of clam chowder because it was my favorite.
I was satisfied with the moderate taste of the sea which I supposed was that of squid.

After we finished eating salad, here came the pasta.
The left photo was well-boiled beef pasta which was an original combination.
The right one was spaghetti of tomato stewed chicken.
s-s-hianis4.jpg s-s-hianis3.jpg

Home made puddings were served as dessert. It was melt-in-the-mouth.

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"Hyannis Port" Casual Cafe Restaurant in Jiyugaoka
1-8-5 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

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